Camelina oil - 500ml

Type: Vinaigrette

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Silky, subtle in the mouth and endowed with a certain lightness, its aromas of asparagus will give way to notes of sesame and hazelnuts which, imbued with sweetness, will not mask the rest of the ingredients.

Texture ssilky and long on the palate. Light and velvety.

Camelina oil contains 35% omega-3: to compare it is to adopt it!

Omega-3s are essential fatty acids. As the body cannot create them, they must be supplied by our food. Omega-3s, known for their anti-inflammatory properties, have favorable effects on several essential functions of the body, including the regulation of blood pressure, the elasticity of the vessels, and immune reactions.

So here is a great way to overcome this omega-3 deficiency.