Apple cider vinegar - 500ml

Type: Vinaigre

4% acetic acid apple cider vinegar

The particular properties of vinegar cider 
The ancients called him the elixir of youth because of its many positive effects on the health of the body. In the past, apple cider vinegar was homemade and used a lot: to clean and store food, and to disinfect. Also, it was drunk in small doses every day to maintain health, as it helps the body to cleanse and regenerate itself. Then came the industrialization of apple cider vinegar making and people stopped making it. Fortunately, thanks to the ingenuity of an apple grower and vinegar maker, there is an authentic 100% pure apple cider vinegar on the market, made according to ancient traditions, aged in oak barrels and unpasteurized; choosing the right, true pure vinegar is important for your health. 

Produced by Cidrerie et vergers Pedneault in Isle-aux-Coudres.