Abyss Conspiracy yellow version (French)


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Immerse yourself in the universe of Abyss!

In the kingdom of Abyss, intrigue and corruption punctuate life in the depths. In the Oceanic Senate Assembly, you are at the heart of this ongoing power struggle and your opponents are plotting relentlessly to gain influence. Recruit the most advantageous Lords before your opponents hijack them and organize your senatorial chamber as well as possible.

Will you be able to assert your power and reign supreme over the Oceanic Senate Assembly?

Abyss Conspiracy is part of the universe of Abyss but is played independently
other games (standalone).

Strong points:
• Simple rules that can be learned in 5 minutes
• Perpetual choices in your favor ... or against your opponents!

60 Lord cards, 24 Location cards, 1 Pearl Master card, 1 Pearl Trail card, 1 Pearl Trail marker token, 20 Standard tokens, 1 rulebook.

Age: 8+
Number of players: 2 to 4
Duration: 30 min