TIME Stories Revolution - The Hadal Project (French)

The Hadal Project is a complete second cycle story and game, The Blue Cycle, of Time Stories Revolution. The agents explore an alternative parallel frame. Reality therefore becomes a fluctuating concept, and players will have to disentangle truth from falsehood in this adventure built like a great game of mirrors.
Released in 2015, the game T.I.M.E Stories takes players on the adventures of TIME agency, traveling through time and space to combat space-time rifts and preserve humanity. After 9 scenarios that made up the “White Cycle”, the T.I.M.E Stories saga reinvents itself with TIME Stories Revolution known as the “Blue Cycle”.
The blue cycle is a new box format and new rules. Each box is a game in its own right and contains all the materials needed to play the adventure. Shorter, more immersive and without the mechanics of runs. TIME Stories Revolution is the perfect adventure that immerses you in different themes and eras. Each mission in this cycle can be played in any order. Players wishing to transform this cycle into campaign mode can add the optional Experience box, which allows them to upgrade their agent and equipment, as well as to know the events that will happen between (and sometimes during) their missions.

In the blue cycle, each scenario is now a complete, independent game, which can be played in any order you like.

The story of TIME Stories is now in the hands of players, who, with the optional EXPERIENCE expansion box, can influence the fate of the Agency.

Each adventure brings a new universe, new characters, new rules and new surprises.

Age: 10 years old and over
Number of players: 1-4
Duration: 90 minutes