3 in 1 retro painting

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3 in 1 wooden board in the shape of a retro television. Made in Quebec.

3 interchangeable panels for 3 times the pleasure! 

Draw the laces on the hook-and-loop surface, slip them on to weave patterns on the perforated surface and draw in chalk on the slate board. 

Great quiet game for the car and family outings!

We design toys to make your little ones grow! The Retro Table allows children to acquire the following skills: Ingenuity, Fine motor skills, Creativity, Hand-eye coordination, Collaboration and sharing 

Included: 1 retro television wood frame with slides (10x10 in), 1 double panel (1 hook-and-loop side for drawing with laces + 1 slate side for drawing with chalk), 1 perforated panel for lacing, 3 laces, 1 chalk, 1 stylus for threading the laces. 

The panels are stored behind the frame. 

Recommended for children ages 3 and up, Handcrafted in Quebec.