Splendor Marvel (multilingual)


Gather the best Super-Heroes!

Thanos threatens the balance in the Galaxy. You must assemble your team of Heroes to prevent him from getting hold of the Infinity Gems and destroying the freedom of the Universe! Only the most organized team can defeat Thanos.

Splendor Marvel is a strategy game in which you play as a hero who wants to build a team of superheroes (worth 16 points) and capture the 5 Infinity Gems before their opponents.

For this you have on the board five different types of gems that allow you to recruit superheroes, development cards and heroes. On each turn you perform an action to choose from among the four possible:

  • Take 2 identical gems
  • Take 3 different gems
  • Pay a card on the board
  • Reserve a card on the board
  • The first player to get a 16 point team of superheroes and collect all 5 Infinity Gems wins the game!

Splendor Marvel celebrates tactics and your ability to anticipate your opponents’s blows so you can block them.

Age: 8+
Number of players: 2 to 4
Duration: 30 min