Oatmeal & chamomile solid shampoo (blond / white hair)

Type: Shampoing

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Solid Shampoo is an increasingly popular product. In addition to being ecological, it is economical, because it allows several washes with a small amount. 

For an 80 g shampoo, you can wash your hair between 50 and 70 times (depending on the length of your hair).

It is made from sodium cocoyl isethionate, a mild surfactant derived from fatty acids in coconut oil. This product is very foaming and leaves the hair soft.

  • Castor oil: Strengthens hair and stimulates growth. 
  • Mango butter: helps strengthen the hair cuticle and gives it radiance and shine.
  • Chamomile: Lightens hair
  • Colloidal oatmeal: Provides volume and lightness. Brings shine to the hair. 
  • White clay: hydrates the hair. Thanks to its softening and revitalizing virtues, it returns all its suppleness to your hair.
  • Indigo powder: To prevent the yellowing of the hair that often occurs in white and blonde hair, blue is added to the shampoo. The color blue being opposed to yellow in the chromatic circle, it tends to attenuate the latter. 

Format: 80g 

This shampoo is suitable for blond or white, natural or dyed hair type.

Directions for use: Wet shampoo and lather in hands or directly into wet hair. Lather well and rinse.

This shampoo comes wrapped in beeswax food wrap. This reusable film will protect the soap during transport and help to keep it safe. This product is washable, reusable and compostable. It is also used as a replacement for traditional plastic films.  

Ingredients: sodium cocoyl isethionate, coconut oil, white clay, German chamomile, castor oil, mango butter, colloidal oat powder, eucalyptus essential oils, mint essential oils, hydrolyzed rice protein, extract of bamboo, indigo powder, silk powder.