Animal pyramid (multilingual)

by Haba

While they were all out for a walk, the 7 friends meet a bored crocodile by the river. After getting to know his new friends, the crocodile offers them a little game: they must all manage to pile up on his back!

What a great idea! Thus with caution the penguin tries to climb the pyramid of animals. Carefully he climbs on the crocodile's back, walks past the hedgehog and then jumps on the frilled lizard. Then he walks gently on the snake to get to the side of the toucan. The top is near, still a little effort! It clings to the monkey's tail to soar and land smoothly on the sheep's back. He is very happy because he succeeded, he is at the top of the pyramid of animals.

There is a variant to play for one player.

Age: 4 years and +
Number of players: 2 to 4
Duration: 15 minutes