Hen hen


It's the Cannes Film Festival and the premiere of the film Poule Poule is turning into a drama. Indeed, a little less than an hour before the screening, this clumsy Waf mixed up all the films!
To help Cocotte, who doesn't have a minute to lose, and to prevent Crack from breaking down for good, we need to put the film back together as quickly as possible! And don't forget, the story ends with the fifth egg!

Principle of the game:
The director, called the “Maître Poule Poule”, will stack the cards, one by one, on top of each other in the center of the table.

During this time, the other players will just have to count the "available" Eggs and be the first to hit the heap when there are 5… easy right?

Expect some disturbances all the same ... because:

Here is an “available” Egg, freshly laid ...

When a hen comes to hatch an egg - hop! - he disappears…


And when a fox hunts a hen - hey presto! - she is running away ! And so, an egg returns!

Otherwise, it would be too simple ...

The Master Hen decides the actions of the other characters (Rico Coco, Waf, Farmer Tiger Worm, Crack and Double, Coin and Grrr). But rest assured, you will become it too because this role passes from player to player!

Age: 8 years old and over
Number of players: 2 to 8
Duration: 20 minutes