Reusable silicone straw (pack of 4)

Type: Paille

These reusable silicone straws are perfect for all liquids. Use them with themouthpiece elbow for a smaller diameter, or just take the right part for smoothies.

Ecological, they will make the happiness of the whole family.

This removable model makes cleaning easier straw. In addition, the small brush is provided! LThese straws are sold in packs of 4 straws. 
Product made in China

The straws are made of silicone free of BPA, cadmium, lead, and phthalate. 


Hand cleans with soap and water using the small brush provided. Clean the straw quickly after each use. Wash before first use. Dry the straws well between uses.


Check the product before each use to confirm that no part is damaged. Discontinue use if the product is damaged. It is recommended to change the straw every 3 months.