Obscurio (multilingual)


Dispel illusions. Beware of the traitor.

The wizard is on your tail! Find your way among the illusions but watch out for the Traitor in your ranks!
Drawing on rich and quality material, Obscurio offers a new take on the genre, emphasizing the details of the images and the ubiquitous doubt associated with the Traitor.

The Grimoire will guide the fleeing team to the exit while using images that point to certain details. Working together, the other players will have to find the exit as quickly as possible, while avoiding taking the wrong cards. However, a team member is a traitor and looks for ways to deceive other players and get in the way. A wide variety of pitfalls and traps will be in your way out of the library, making communication difficult!

Obscurio is a cooperative family game, originally mixing communication based on image interpretation as well as a secret role in which players have to be careful as they share their ideas with their team. All aim to get away, but watch out for the other participants. Each progresses according to his role: Grimoire, Magicians or Traitor.

The game ends in two ways: the Grimoire and the Wizards win if the players managed to get out, but if they got lost, the traitor wins.

Communicate effectively and avoid illusions on your way to escape the Sorcerer's library in time!

The game includes a variant for 2 or 3 players. 

Age: 10 years and +
Number of players: 2 to 8
Duration: 45 minutes