Mini baby spoon

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Type: ustensile

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This mini spoon from Justenbois is very gentle for the baby's mouth. The slightly raised spatula allows a good grip in the mouth. This small, maple wood spoon has been a hit for years.

 The wooden utensils are warm in the hand and in the mouth.

They preserve the integrity of the food, without the metal taste and oxidizing effect.

They are long lasting and easy to maintain: soap in hot water with dish soap and wipe dry. Do not put in the dishwasher.

Maple wood does not crack, which protects it from pathogenic bacteria. Coated with natural resins, linen, wax crystals, rosemary and lemon, no further application is necessary afterwards, they will acquire a patina over time.

The resins meet the standards of the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, American, baby and children.

Usually their lifespan is over 12 years.
JUstenbois offers a 1-year warranty against naturally occurring cracks.