Summer honey 340g

Type: Miel

Honey comes in a multitude of colors, textures and tastes. It draws its subtleties from the floral composition from which it comes. It is therefore a whole universe of taste to explore and this is what M le Miel wants you to discover. Their honey is unheated, it is produced locally in Charlevoix and receives only minimal filtration by gravity in order to retain the maximum of its properties. Color may vary from photo.

About M le Miel:

Located in the beautiful Charlevoix region, our bees benefit from an almost untouched habitat where a significant plant and floral biodiversity abounds, contributing to the flourishing of our colonies.

Our working methods are artisanal and our handling is minimal in order to preserve the quality and purity of our products but also to minimize our ecological footprint and maintain the health of our bees.