My first adventure / Trip to ocher land

Type: livre

THE STORY of which YOU are the LITTLE HERO! Today you are going on a great journey through the whole valley. Today you will try to find the cause of the great drought ... Who do you want to be for this adventure? Maïlune, the courageous hunter? Issa, the chatty shepherdess? or Sumai, the passionate little picker? Choose your character and enter a story like no other, a story where each of your choices changes your adventure! Ma Première Aventure is a collection of children's books, to be read from 4 years old, or to be read later on by yourself like an adult. Each book contains an independent story that immerses you in a different universe. During each story, your choices shape your adventure, for better or for worse!

New: 2020
Age: 4 years and over