The game osti 2


The game osti 2 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

M'aviser quand ce sera disponible à nouveau!

  • 406 New cards (150 black + 256 red),
  • 80 white cards to create your own extension,
  • Double black cards |… | |… | where you will have to use two red cards to complete the sentence.

The same cool way to play it! :

  1. La Grande Yeule reads a black card.
  2. All other players choose a red card from their hand that would fill the |… |
  3. La Grande Yeule then chooses her favorite red card and the player who placed it wins the black card.
Age: 18 and over
Number of players: 3 to 12
Duration: 40 minutes