Railroad adventurers - my first trip: Europe


Les Aventuriers du Rail: My first trip, an adaptation for children.
With The Adventurers of the Rail: My first trip, the author of the game, Alan R. Moon declines his successful series in children's version.
With quick games, this new version, easy to learn, is ideal for introducing children to board games in general and to the mechanics of the Railroad Adventurers saga in particular.
In addition, the colorful illustrations of the tray, which children are so sensitive to, make it easier to get started.

Les Aventuriers du Rail: My first trip, a game to share with the family!
The game was designed for children but also for parents who want to live a special moment with their children. The games are of short duration, which favors the number of games and an accelerated learning of the possible rules and strategies. The game promises parts that oscillate between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the help of the parents, and may even be suitable for children of 4 or 5 years if they are a little accompanied.

Les Aventuriers du Rail: My first trip, simplified mechanics.
The game takes the elements that made the success of the series, but adapts them to make them accessible to the youngest. The end goal of the game remains unchanged: visit as many cities as possible in Europe in order to build the widest rail network.
To win the children will have to collect Wagon cards, take roads and connect the cities listed on their Destination cards.

Les Aventuriers du Rail: My first trip, say "TICKET!" "
The game includes a fun rule specific to this version. When aspiring travelers complete a journey, they have the right to show their cards down by shouting “TICKET!”. The effect is guaranteed!

    Age: 6 years and +
    Number of players: 2 to 4
    Duration: 15-30 minutes