The color monster


Inspired by the popular children's book The Color of Emotions by Anna Llenas, this is the all new game from Purple Brain: The Color Monster.

The Monster of Colors players work together to help the Monster understand his emotions. They take turns rolling the die that allows them to move the Monster around the board.

When the Monster travels to a space with an emotion token, the player can pick it up and search for the correct pot. The jars are all placed on shelves with their colors hidden.

If the player chooses the pot that matches the color of the emotion, then he can place the emotion token in the pot. Otherwise, the jar returns to the shelf as is.

To collect an emotion token, players must explain a memory or a situation in which they feel like the emotion they are picking up (Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear, or Calm).

Players can lose the game if the monster gets too confused and they turn over too many jars of mixed emotions, or win the game when the emotions are all placed in their respective jars.

    Age: 4 years and +
    Number of players: 2 to 5
    Duration: 25 minutes