The Ace of Reading 1


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Goal : Decode

Carefully read the words in your hand. Match parts of similar words to get rid of your cards first and become an ace at reading!

The Ace of Reading 1 is designed to help children ages 5½ to 8½ read more difficult to decode words. The three card decks it includes aim for three challenges: reading frequent groups of letters (eg, in, an), letters often decoded in the wrong order (eg, al pronounced la) and two consecutive consonants (eg, br).


  • Have the child read words containing the following spellings:
    • (Love letters) ai, an, water, eu, in, oi, on, or, un;
    • (Deceptive spellings) al, ar, el, er, es, ir, is, or, ur;
    • (Malicious consonants) bl, br, cr, dr, fl, gr, pl, pr, tr.
  • Enrich the child's vocabulary.
Number of players: 2 to 4
Age: 5 1/2 and over
Duration: 5-20 minutes