The Stone Age - a bright future


At the dawn of civilizations, our ancestors worked tirelessly to survive for even a day. But the human genius had already made their lives easier.

The Stone Age launches players into this harsh and merciless time. With the help of tools, initially rudimentary, you can harvest wood, stone and gold. These resources will be very useful to you in your negotiations with neighboring villages. While luck will rule part of your journey, good planning will allow you to get the best of any hazardous circumstances. Most importantly, remember to feed your people every turn. You will need to challenge yourself and fend for yourself, just like your ancestors, in order to achieve victory!

Relive that time. Chop wood, mine clay, carve stones and search rivers for gold. Use all of these resources to develop your village and access new stages of civilization. Will your tribe spark the birth of a new era?

The Stone Age, an exciting adventure in the past!

* This is the new 2019 version with subtitles A Bright Future.

Age: 10 years and +
Number of players: 2 to 4
Duration: 60 minutes