Cake crockery kit


Are you looking for an ecological alternative to your industrial dishwashing liquid in its plastic container that you throw away for recycling every few weeks? Look no further, here is a kit cake dishes ready in a minute *! ALMOST finished all that is needed is to add the water!

Cake tableware kit, ecological, fragrance-free, endocrine disruptor free or other harmful product. In addition, the jar is returnable and you can bring it back to the grocery store or give it to us on your next order!

For the process, go to the "description" tab below.

* It must be left to dry 48 hours after manufacture so that it hardens and thus optimize its lifespan.

Ingredients: Marseille soap shavings (without palm oil, without glycerin), Baking soda, Soda crystals.

Origin: Made in Montreal

Weight: 125g/250mL

Preperation: Pour the contents of the pot or bag of dish cake into a bowl, add 80mL (1/3 cup) of boiling water to the mixture, mix well with a spatula to homogenize the mixture, until a creamy consistency is obtained. (about 1mn). Pour the liquid into the original pot and let it dry for 48 hours, so that the mixture hardens (it is normal that some soap shavings are still visible).

It is possible to add a few drops of essential oils directly to the preparation (between 10 and 15 drops) in order to have a pleasant smell and the benefits of the essential oil.

Advice: Let the dish cake dry well between each use. Do not allow water to stagnate to prolong the life of the dish cake.

When it gets too small or if it ends up breaking, it can be dried and grated, then added to the next dish cake mix. If it breaks while it is still large, let it dry, grate then add 50mL of boiling water (More or less depending on the amount of cake remaining), stir for 1mn to mix well and melt again then let dry for 48h , as for the initial preparation.