In Kingdomino, you play as a Lord in search of land to expand his Kingdom. Wheat fields, lakes, forests, lush meadows, gold mines and magical swamps… you have to explore everything to spot the best plots. But other lords covet the same lands as you ...

Kingdomino is a very good family game, fluid and strategic, where each one embodies a lord in search of lands to expand his kingdom.

Kingdomino is more than a game of dominoes! Each player will take pleasure in constituting his kingdom as the game progresses by connecting the different landscapes of the game (fields, forests, pastures, sea etc.). Which card best suits my kingdom and allows me to gain the most points, knowing that if I am too greedy this turn, I may not have a choice of my card in the next turn?

The game mechanism is very clever, tactical, interactive, and makes Kingdomino a real addicting game, the complexity of which adapts to all audiences! Special mention to the quality of the edition: the tiles are very solid and can be manipulated continuously without damage. A "must-have", to be placed in all hands!