by Haba

Finally ! After a long boat trip, the treasure hunters finally arrive on Karuba Island. They can go looking for hidden treasures ... Who will get their expedition team right through the jungle, keep an eye out for other players, and most importantly, collect gold and crystals along the way? But it will also be necessary to move on time! Only the first to arrive at the temples will be able to recover the most precious treasures!

The principle of the game - Karuba is an exploration and treasure hunt themed game that is played on an individual board, simultaneously. On their board, each player has 4 explorers, who must cross the jungle to reach 4 temples.

While playing every man for himself, however, players race, as each temple color offers a victory point reward which decreases with each discovery. On their way to the temple, players will also try to collect treasures that earn additional victory points.

As I said, Karuba is played simultaneously. One of the players is the “conductor” of the turns. He takes a jungle tile from his draw pile and announces his number aloud. The other players take the tile of the same number from their own supply, and then each must use the tile on their own board.

There are two ways to use the tile:

  • Either the player places it on their board, on the square of their choice, without having to match the paths (even if this is preferable to move the explorers), but without having the right to rotate it.
  • Either the player discards it to move an explorer as many spaces as there are paths on the edges of the tile.

And that's it, the game turn is that easy! Players use the same tiles at the same time, but not necessarily in the same way. It is therefore the player who has made the best tactical choices who will collect the most treasures or reach the temples the earliest.

Age: 8 years old and over
Number of players: 2 to 4
Duration: 30 minutes