Imagine (Quebec version)


In Imagine use the 61 transparent and illustrated cards to make people guess one of the 1000 puzzles offered by the game (movies, places, characters ...). Layer, assemble, combine, and even animate cards, the possibilities are endless. Everything is allowed… only one limit: your creativity!

Imagine is aptly named because this party game gives pride of place to your imagination.

The principle of the game - The principle of the game is very simple and can be guessed at first glance.

In the center of the table, 60 transparent cards have a simple design. The goal of the game will be to assemble them, superimpose them, and even animate them to make guess a word, a name, a title, an expression. The riddle is offered by a riddle card, but you can also let your own imagination run wild if you want to.

When a player finds, we reward the player who makes the guess and the one who found the puzzle, then we move on to another puzzle, performed by another “artist” among the players.

Imagine refreshes the concept of a guessing game. It arouses the imagination of players who will have to complete a challenge each time because to guess a word or an expression using a few imposed cards is a challenge each time. This causes explosions of joy when we manage to guess and when we guess words, even the most common. And you, how would you guess labyrinth? You see? You let your imagination work! This is the magic of Imagine!

Endless possibilities! Express yourself, anything goes!

Over 1000 puzzles for you to guess!

Age: 12 years old and over
Number of players: 3 to 8
Duration: 30 minutes