Era: Medieval Age (multilingual)


Era: Medieval Age is the spiritual successor to Roll Through The Ages. While Roll Through The Ages was a pioneer of roll-and-write style games, Era is a pioneer of roll-and-build!

Your dice represent different classes of medieval society, players try to build the most prosperous city. The "build" comes into play as the players build their city on their boards. You will use modeled three-dimensional components such as walls, dungeons, farms, and other structures. At the end of the game, each player will have their own city!

The game is all the more difficult as the players interact with each other through means such as extortion, scorched earth and, of course, disease! We're in medieval times, aren't we?

A single player mode is also available for lone wolves.

Age: 8 years old and over
Number of players: 1 to 4
Duration: 60 minutes