Set of 12 washable tissues

Type: mouchoirs

The complete set includes:
12 washable white or black 19 x 20.3 cm (7.5 "x 8") handkerchiefs made from natural organic bamboo and cotton
+ 1 cotton box + 1 reversible cotton basket


 Most people have in mind that a washable handkerchief is a very large square of cotton (the most vintage even have lace!), With which you blow your nose and fold into your pocket to reuse it. later. This idea of a washable handkerchief comes from our grandparents and I wanted to help make this idea more modern and trendy. 

This is why Bateau Bateau offers a handkerchief:

>> Hygienic <<
One use per handkerchief (no snot in the pockets!). We blow our nose and dispose of the dirty handkerchief in the basket until the next wash.

>> Super soft <<
A luxury handkerchief compared to facial tissues! And compared to many other fabric handkerchiefs, because bamboo is much softer and fluffier than woven cotton and flannel.

>> Organic and ecological <<
Natural, unbleached and dye-free. Made from a fiber from a renewable source: bamboo, with organic cotton. All OEKO-TEX & CPSIA certified and manufactured in an eco-responsible factory without chemical agents. The cutting is done locally, in Quebec.

>> Which looks like an ordinary handkerchief <<
The handkerchiefs are white, square, the size of a disposable handkerchief (8 "x 7.5"), cut simply and without overlocking to give a "trompe-l'oeil" effect. This way, in public, you will appear to blow your nose in a disposable handkerchief rather than a cloth handkerchief.



Add to a load with like colors.
If needed, you can rinse them first or cycle quickly to thin the mucus.

Water at 60 ° C (140 ° F) will kill germs and germs. WARNING! Blood can stain the fabric: rinse your handkerchiefs in cold water before washing them in hot water.

Tumble dry to keep them fluffy or hang to dry.

Over washings, tissues may warp and the sides will wear slightly; it's normal. They will also gain in absorption. They are not meant to fray. If you see any wires, cut them off and continue to use them normally.


Wash with similar colors in cold water. Dry flat.

Do not use fabric softener: the fiber is naturally soft! And the absorption of tissues could be compromised.
Do not use bleach: it could damage the natural fiber.