Apple Cheeks Washable Pocket Diaper

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One size (6-35 lbs)

This washable diaper cover requires the use of an absorbent insert sold separately.

Composition and materials:

The outer casing is in PUL.
The inner envelope is in micro-fleece.
Has a pocket in which you can slip inserts
Inserts are NOT supplied with the diaper. 

Characteristics and strengths of this layer:

The Applecheeks diaper is very effective thanks to a tight and durable elastic around the waist and legs.
Two rows of easy-to-adjust snaps adjust the diaper at the legs and waist. The closures are press studs and close towards the front.
An "envelope" style opening, large enough for daddy's hands, allows an absorbent swaddle to be inserted between the PUL and the micro fleece, as needed.

Directions for use and maintenance:

To protect the diaper from stains or to make it easier to pass stool, a disposable diaper sheet can be placed over the diaper.
To strengthen the absorption of the layer, it is possible to add a liner.
Recommended layer for the day.
At night, we recommend adding linings or inserts to strengthen the absorption capacity.
Wash at 40 ° or 60 °
Hang to dry. Occasionally machine drying can tighten elastics (don't tumble dry too often)