Letter Jam (French)


With Letter Jam discover a particularly original letter game in which players help each other guess which letters are placed face down in front of them ... and thus build a list of words.

What is my L_TTRE?

In front of each player is placed a letter that he cannot see, facing his teammates. On the card, a letter of the alphabet. No one can know what their letter is, but everyone can see the letters of all the other players.

On each turn of the game, after deliberation, one of the players proposes a word formed from the maximum number of letters held by the other players. He then places a token in front of the players he has used a letter for, indicating their position in the word. Thanks to this clue, everyone can therefore gradually deduce that it is "their" letter, take note of it, and place another card in front of them.

At the end of the game, the players rearrange their letters to form a word, and thus win the game together!

A very original word game!

Letter Jam happily mixes deduction and manipulation of letters to form a tasty cocktail. We must indeed find words that will give the maximum clues to teammates, and therefore involve as many players as possible, so that everyone can identify the letters that will then allow them to form a word.

Inventiveness, intuition and deduction will therefore be required in this fun and clever game. The players will be happy to guess, to make guess, but also to find words by means of their hidden and (maybe!) Identified letters ...

Intense and fun: discover the pleasure of the word game in a completely new way!

Age: 10+
Number of players: 2 to 6
Duration: 45 min