Carcassonne (French version)


Carcassonne is not only the name of a city in the south of France, it is also a symbol of the struggle of heretics against the oppression of the Church in the Middle Ages. Even today, its ramparts and fortifications never cease to impress.

Using tiles with towns, monasteries, roads and fields on them, players expand the board turn after turn. The players place their supporters on the different tiles that make up the surroundings of Carcassonne in order to get as many victory points as possible. Depending on where they are placed, the partisans will become knight, less, thief or peasant. Regardless of the function of the supporters, the player with the best strategy will be the winner ...

A simple, strategic and unique placement game. A real launching pad for a new world.

* This version of the game is the one with an improved visual and is compatible with all expansions.

Age: 7 years and +
Number of players: 2 to 5
Duration: 35 minutes