Pillow mist

Type: Brume

With this mist composed of thuja hydrosol and essential oils of orange and lavender, a simple poush on the pillow will suffice to spread a delicious scent in the room. This will allow you to calm down and fall asleep peacefully. 

 This mist will be perfect to help reduce the stress of the child who has to sleep away from his bed or his house .....

It can also be used to soothe people who are going through a period of stress or who have insomnia.

She also has the power to scare away monsters under the bed or in the wardrobe !! ;)

This pleasant scent can be used to restore a good smell to old shoes, to places that smell of "musty", etc!

 Made with 100% natural ingredients including thuja hydrosol which is antiseptic and orange and lavender essential oil which are calming.

Contains 120 ml 

Directions: Spray on the pillow or in the air a few minutes before bed for a soothing effect and preparation for sleep. 

Ingredients: 40% alcohol, distilled water, thuja hydrosol, essential oils of sweet orange, essential oils of lavender