Azul Summer Pavilion (multilingual)


In Azul: Summer Lodge, players are tasked with decorating the floors of the Summer Lodge according to the wishes of the late King Manuel I.

This building is erected to honor the prestigious members of the royal family of Portugal. Fans will immediately recognize Azul's draft mechanics, but will be intrigued by the new way to score points based on the assembly of tile patterns.

The new shape of the tiles now allows you to create beautiful star patterns on your player board. Your eyes and mind will feast on Azul: Summer Pavilion!

Rediscover the universe of Azul in this new universe!

Azul: Summerhouse is a complete, indie game. So it is not necessary to have the original Azul game.

Age: 8 years old and over
Number of players: 2 to 4
Duration: 45 minutes