Re-Play Recycled Plastic Divided Plate

Type: Vaisselle

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The Re-Play 7 "Compartment Plates feature deep, perfectly proportioned rims that keep food separate. Durable and economical, the Re-Play Compartment Plate is ideal for everyday use, as well as for outdoor entertaining, from picnics and even barbecues Mix colors with our utensils, bowls and cups to create a vibrant table!

Made from recycled milk containers (HDPE recycled plastic) and recycled polypropylene, FDA approved
Free of BPA, PVC, phthalate and surface coating
Made in the USA
Approx dimensions: 7.375 "by 7.375" by 1.25 "
Re-Play manufactures its dishes from 4L containers of milk (USA) exclusively. Very resistant, it is dishwasher safe without ever damaging the strong colors.