Abyss - Kraken (extension) (fr)


The kingdom of Abyss is beset by power struggles more than ever as corruption continues to spread. The Smugglers Guild, retreated to the heart of a graveyard of titanic beasts, has joined forces with the Kraken to expand the nebuli trade. These precious black pearls can seat your power as well as cause your downfall.

You can choose to bribe yourself to gain access to new powers and new locations, but you will pay the price at the end of the game. If you decide to stick with your integrity, know that your opponents will not hesitate to sell their Nebulis during transactions.

Abyss Kraken is an expansion for the game Abyss and cannot be played independently.

Number of players: 2 to 4
Age: 14 and over
Duration: 45 minutes