8 Bit Box (French)


Video game lover old-school, get out your coffee tables! 8Bit Box is a set of 3 board games, directly inspired by retrogaming. Each game board will remind you of the biggest names in 80s video games, which you will have the pleasure of sharing with your loved ones for incredible moments with friends or family.  

With its 6 controllers, 8Bit Box allows you to invite up to 6 players for frenzied games. It contains all the basic material, common to all of your games (pawns, dice, tokens ...). The 3 included games are presented individually, just like the cartridges of games of yesteryear. Each contains the specific hardware needed to play it, which complements that of 8Bit Box.

As for the controllers, they allow each player to plan and perform their game actions, such as moving characters or vehicles. All together, you therefore play on a table board games that take up the major themes of video games.

Age: 6+
Number of players: 3 to 6
Duration: 15-40 min