Organic oleo-limestone liniment

Type: Liniment

The Baby Owl Liniment is used at each diaper change to clean baby's bottom. No rinsing required! It is natural, organic, and made in Quebec. 

No more disposable wipes and wet washcloths. No more redness and irritation.

Recommended for sensitive skin and irritation / erythema. Baby's skin is clean, nourished and protected. 

Composition: Organic olive oil: emollient (moisturizes and softens the skin) and protective effect (it leaves a greasy film that protects baby's skin against aggressions (following stool and urine)). Lime water: it has a sanitizing (cleans) effect, this base fights against the acidic pH of the stool and urine (which causes redness and irritation).       

USE: very simple, apply a small amount on a washable wipe or cotton pad and dry baby.