Inflexibles: Normandie (French)


Unyielding: Normandy is a deckbuilding game that places you and your opponent in command of American or German forces, fighting through a series of essential post-WWII missions.

Use your cards to gain initiative, strengthen your forces, or control your troops on the battlefield. Strong leadership can turn the tide of the battle in your favor, but reckless decisions could spell disaster as every kill you take removes a card from your deck. Take charge in the midst of the chaos of battle, stand firm in the face of opposition and don't be intimidated.

Contents: 54 American cards, 11 American Combatants tokens, 4 American Entry markers, 1 American Target marker, 18 American Control markers, 54 German cards, 11 German Fighters tokens, 5 German Entry markers, 1 German Target marker, 18 German Control markers, 1 Radio marker, 1 Initiative marker, 18 terrain tiles, 14 Objective markers, 4 ten-sided dice.

Age: 10 years old and over
Number of players: 2
Duration: 45-60 minutes