Souris Commissioner (multilingual)

by Haba

The bandits want to escape! Commissioner Souris is on their trail. But he needs the players' sleuth skills: who sat last in the cell with the tunnel? If the players bet on the right bandit, they will solve the mystery of this escape attempt and catch the bandits. The winner is the one who captures the most fugitives.

Content: 1 prison (bottom of the box, 3 game boards, part to fit in a cross), 15 bandit plaques, 1 escape car, 4 magnifying glasses, 4 bandit cards, 1 alarm (sound cover), 1 commissioner Mouse (rotating wooden figure), 1 die, 44 reward stars, 1 game rule.

Age: 5 years and +
Number of players: 1 to 4
Duration: 15 minutes