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3 creative games that require almost nothing!

3 creative games that require almost nothing!

Have fun with not much

Confinement requires, we all spend a lot of time at home with the family. We take advantage of it, to be sure, and the children are very happy with the school or daycare break.

On the other hand, by being 24/7 with them, we start to exhaust ideas of play, both indoors and outdoors, and that's normal! The Mousse Café therefore relays three of these finds to you on the Web in order to entertain the kids without breaking the bank and keeping them on.

So here are 3 simple suggestions that require next to nothing to keep kids entertained!

Fiction, imagination

You have a geeky daddy or mom (or even an uncle or aunt via Skype /Facetime/Zoom) who has a knack for role playing or theater? Dungeons and VShenapans is a good idea to support adventures for your kids without a screen, from the comfort of home, while keeping them engaged. You only need to print a character sheet and own a few dice. We are VERY far from Dungeons and Dragons in terms of complexity, don't be worried. The goal is to let the children create a character (from the universe of their choice), draw it, choose which characteristic they attribute their dice to (strength, magic, agility), then live ae adventure of your flood. For each action to be carried out (casting a spell, breaking down a barricade, walking quietly, etc.) it's up to you to see if the strength, agility or magic dice will be needed. Upon obtaining a 6, it's successful and the adventure continues! There is even a script to read for less inspired parents;) Thanks to Gus & Co for the great idea!

 Donjons et chenapans

Long live the cartoonists!

We really like them creations of the illustratrice Quebecise Elise Gravel! His series of printable comics at home and to complete is a favorite! Separated into 9 boxes (including 1 or 2 already completed with a small primer), these comics lead children to follow a very simple story, drawing inspiration from the author's clean drawings. For children who do not yet know how to write, we let them do their drawings and the parents then write the text with or without bubbles (again, without worrying too much). The basic scenarios lead the child to spontaneously create the sequel.

If they really like it, we can even to separate a blank sheet of 9 squares yourself to create your own own comic strip from scratch!

BD Élise Gravel

Little scientists

Science experiments are always popular with children (even if sometimes it can be messy)! The internet is full of famous " slime », But to put it simply, we can be satisfied with vinegar and bbaking soda for an amazing and fast experience. The educational blog Wooloo drew up a top 6 experiences with these 2 effervescent ingredients! Whether it is with food coloring, frozen vinegar, apple seeds gone mad or to recreate a volcano, these little experiences are likely to make you laugh! Remember that preparing for the experience is also a way to integrate the children and keep them entertained until the famous explosion of bubbles!

For children, the important thing is that you are invested in playing with them. You don't necessarily need a lot of expense to create moments and have fun : take the time to play or prepare these simple games and tell them you love them, that's what matters!


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